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Welcome to the Project WAM WikiEdit

So you might be asking yourself... What is Project WAM?

Well it's basically a gaming group dedicated to help out the MMO wiki's on WAM stands for Wikify All MMORPG's... So what were going to do is play an MMORPG and help create/improve the wikia about it. We will contribute data about the Items, Quests, Mobs, Worlds, Zones, Jobs, Instances, Battles, Dungeons, Cities, Weapons, Armor, Accessories, POI's, Stories, Lore, Skills, Objects, Guides, and count every single blade of grass..... Ok maybe not that last one but everything else we can do.

If data gathering is not your thing then no problem!!! We have many other jobs that need to be done. For example we need in-game photographers to take pictures of mobs, cities, zones, and items. Or maybe you like to help others by creating guides for classes, crafting, skills, or achievements. Or perhaps your an in-game trainer helping new players get to know the game so that they can help in the future. The possibilities are endless!!!!

We have a list of 10 MMORPG's that we are going to work on. Every 3 months we switch to the next game in the list. This keeps cycling until were confident that the wiki is pretty much finished (Or at least close to finishing). After that we will vote for another 10 games to work on and then repeat the process.

Now I know this might seem like a lot of work.... actually it is a ton of work so for those of you that don't mind staying in one spot for weeks (like me killing 357 Fungus', no joke, trying to get all possible item drops in Runes of Magic) then you can play the game and help whenever you want.

I'm not forcing you to work.... but how can you call playing MMORPG's work XD.

I will provide visual/text guides on how to help different sections of the game's Wikia sometime in the near future.

So have fun everybody!

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